All you need to know about developing great Syncplayer presentations

Hints & tips, downloadable guides and FAQs to help you make the most of your Syncplayer.


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Q: I don’t use Powerpoint. Can I still have a Syncplayer presentation?
A: Yes! We can work with many different types of content, from Word documents and PDFs to vector files and pixel based graphics...
Q: I’ve got content sorted but no video. Can you help me with this?
A: Yes! We can organise for your presentation to be filmed on-site, on-location or at our studio...
Q: Do I set up the Syncplayer presentation myself?
A: No. We take your files and build the synchronised presentation for you. That way you can concentrate on creating great content and we focus on making it happen!
Q: Can I use the Syncplayer on my iPad?
A: Yes! The current version allows both iPad and Android pads to be used as a window for the Syncplayer.
Q: Can I host a Syncplayer on our internal network?
A: Yes! We'll provide you with all the files and work with your administrator to ensure your Syncplayer fits seamlessly into your system.
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Syncplayer features

The key features of the Syncplayer on a handy sheet...

syncplayer-features-sheet.pdf (276kb)

Guide for Syncplayer content

All the elements you need to develop the complete Syncplayer presentation...

syncplayer-content-overview.pdf (1.8Mb)

Planning your presentations

How to get the most from your content by tailoring it for online delivery...

Coming soon

New to writing presentations?

Tips and suggestions for planning content and writing a script to accompany a slideshow...

Coming soon

Hints & tips

Pause for thought...

When filming your presentation, remember to leave a little breathing space between slides. This makes it easier for viewers to break off and return later!

Reinforce your message...

Supporting materials can add a great deal to your content. Consider including downloads that users can access before, during or after your presentation.

Equal partnership...

Syncplayer presentations work best when slides and video are working together. Think about how you can compose your video and slides so that they complement each other throughout the presentation.