The story behind
the Syncplayer

How Inkpressions developed a synchronised
video and PowerPoint presentation tool.

In the beginning there was a brief...

Whilst working on a web project for one of our clients, we were given a further challenge; to make a series of medical seminars available to members of their expert-led, online education programme.

The seminars were generating a rich source of learning content. Our client wanted this content to be made accessible online to programme members in a usable and engaging way. We’d been approached to find a solution so we began establishing the issues involved.

After digging a little deeper we identified 3 key things:

  • that the expert speakers of the seminars authored PowerPoint slide-decks displaying key points, charts, diagrams and graphics to accompany their presentations
  • slide-decks were projected onto a screen while the experts explained the content to the audience
  • the education programme needed to cater for members whose first language may not be English

This informed our list of ‘must-haves’ for the build:

  • the main components of each seminar must consist of a slide-deck and a video recording of the speaker
  • the speaker video must be synchronised perfectly with each slide
  • the information displayed on each slide must be clearly legible
  • the interface must be user-friendly
  • supplementary language support must be available

In perfect synchronicity

The presentation tools we considered first seemed to focus on either slideshows or video streams yet our client’s content was fundamentally about the fusion of both. This led us to the juicy task of developing a bespoke web application that could synchronise video and PowerPoint together. We began to explore the options.

And then there was Flash...

It soon became clear that the best platform to use was Flash because of its ability to display graphics and control video.

We also felt that a media-player style format would allow users to get straight into the content so converted the PowerPoint slides and presenter videos into compatible formats with practical file sizes.

To reflect the setup of a seminar, the player features two display panes - one for content, the other for the presenter - emulating the importance of the relationship between the speaker and their slides. Additionally, the presence of language support had to be clearly signposted so that users knew it was available if required.

To delivery and beyond!

Once the player was built we produced 10 presentations for our client - all currently still in use on their registration-only website. But it doesn’t end there - we’re always adding more features - check out the latest version on our demo page

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Make a virtual lecture-theatre

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